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Here are five simple tricks for beating those food cravings that hit you when you least expect them. Try these out and pretty soon you'll be the boss of your body again! 1. Don't skip breakfast Maybe you're not hungry in the a.m., but eating some calories now can keep cravings at bay later. 2. Get smaller sized portions Research on 104 students found that people who were given small snack-sized portions of chocolate, apple pie, or potato chips reported feeling as satisfied as those presented with larger servings—and they ate 76.8% fewer calories. 3. Eat something! Substituting what you're hungry for with a similar-tasting healthy equivalent should be enough to satisfy you! 4. Understand your cravings! It doesn't have to be anything fancy—just jot down a few notes on your phone. When a craving hits, log your emotions: you're tired, anxious, stressed, bored. Eventually, you'll pick out common patterns, and you can deal with the causes head on! 5. Mix your cravings with healthy foods! Order the salad with grilled salmon with a side of fries or get a piece of grilled chicken and veggies with a small bowl of mac and cheese. Fill up on the good stuff, and eat a quarter to half a portion of the splurge.
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I've never had a craving journal but that sounds like it would really make a difference in my eating habits.
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Oh man. I've always tried the 'just walk away' trick but I always end up eating it eventually :/
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I've also heard that certain things (like more water, or a fruit that tricks your body!) can be a great way to satisfy a certain craving, such as craving something salty or sweet!!
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@onesmile True! Just make sure not to eat fruit after a meal because it can cause stomach bloathing
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