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I really want to get this watch. The watch is part of Paul Smith's cycling collection (apparently PS likes cycling). I am not into the sport, but I think I may get this just because of its design. It's modest in size (in modern watch standards) at 40mm. I also like the details on the back of the watch, although people don't really get to see that. One thing that is not clear to me is whether the green disc is supposed to be the second hand. Maybe I need to actually buy it to figure that out! What do you guys think about the watch?
That is a very cool watch indeed! The dial is very different from the ordinary. About the green wheel; I think it is the second hand. Another cool watch to put to my wanted list :-) Thanks for the share.
@owley - Please keep me posted :-)
@top10watches - yea, I hope you are right about the green wheel being the second hand! That would be a very distinct thing that would differentiate this watch. I am going to make some calls to PS to see if I can see it in person... Will let you know if I am successful!