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Carla Morrison is one of my favorite Mexican indie singers because she is able to capture deep emotion with her music. Just watch this live acoustic performance and you will know what I am talking about. Her voice is...on another level. I can only ever dream of being that good. Her songwriting style is expressive, poetic, and vulnerable. When you hear her music, you feel her pain. This song, "Compartir" is one of her sadder songs. Filled with heartache and longing, it's no wonder you feel like crying yourself to sleep when you listen to this one. "Compartir" means to share (more specifically to enjoy the company of another person). She sings of longing to share her life with the love of her life because she is crazy, madly in love with them. However, she sings: "there is one thing I must not easy being so far away from you." I was about to translate the whole song, but thanks to the internet [1], it has already been done. Carla has so many wonderful songs, I hope that you take the time to listen to them. Check her out on Spotify: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Translation:
She sings with emotion. I speak spanish so I can definitely feel her passion behind the song, but even if I did not speak Spanish, just look at her expressions... just listening to her voice as it changes moods... that is the mark of a true artist
Wow. I don't understand the words myself, but even reading the translating and listening to it a second time, I was really touched by this. She is quite the artist!
I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)