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You can compare the best of 99U talks to those of TED. They share interesting, interactive stories about life and it's many aspects. This talk is shared by a photographer, Shantanu Starick, who embarked on a very interesting experiment: he decided to go two years without spending any money. You might wonder how this could be possible, but Shantanu can give you that answer today in his 99U talk. By doing this experiment, Starick found that his creative process became more fulfilling. No longer was he working as a photographer trying to reach a certain numerical value. Rather, he was bartering for what he needed from day to day, and found himself feeling more free and creative because of it! Starick has been to four continents. He has worked with designers in NYC and in Irish farmlands with some mountain goats. He has lived a richer life than he ever had before! Remember this lesson: it's not about what you make in dollars, its about what you make in life for yourself!
oh I misread your description! and I will :) thanks
@blackofwhite This piece is actually from 99U, which is very similar to TED in some ways, so if you're ever looking for another source of great, inspirational talks I suggest looking here!
TED always has amazing voices, thanks for the share :)