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Here's a quick montage of some of my favorite wake sports out there. The video shows wakeboarding, wake skating, and wake surfing. Wakeboarding, which you probably know, is a normal symmetrical board with bindings mounted on top. Wakeboarders are able to pull off huge flips and crazy spins. Wake skating is essentially a wakeboard mixed with a skateboard. It's the same board as a wake board, but with no bindings. Instead of bindings there is either padding or grip tape on top. Wake skaters are able to pull off intricate flip tricks. Wake surfing is a relatively new sport in the wake world. The boards used are almost the same as a skimboard, although a bit thicker. The boat is driven at a slower speed with a different engine position that allows the wake to form like surf. The wake surfer is able to stay in the wake behind the boat without the use of a rope. What's your favorite wake sport?
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I was blown away by almost all the tricks they did. Any chance you know what the sound track is?