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Nintendo Themes On A Player Piano On The Spot
Indiegog is an online crowdsource fundraising site similar the Kickstarter, this Indiegogo campaign is for something called Player Piano. Player Piano is an independent YouTube channel from composer/pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey featuring music videos in which classical musicians perform innovative arrangements of popular songs and soundtrack themes. Sonya and Tom fulfilled a special request from one of their Indiegogo funders and played some classic Nintendo Theme Songs. Which song is your favorite? I think I'm with Tom here, that Duck Tales piece was incredible!!
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These are amazing! I didn't quite a few of them, but I really loved the ones I did like the Mario Bros and the Mega Man! The Duck Tales one was pretty cool too, but I didn't know the original myself.
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She is just amazing. I originally encountered their music through Geek and Sundry on YouTube - I'll post the one I saw and link it here. I really think Sonya is a musical genius - and a geeky one at that. I love it!!
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