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If you're heading outside into a cold, wintery tundra (or, just to shovel out of your house) there is a great way to keep your socks dry (and thus your feet warm) that you may not have heard of before. Two words: oven bags! Now, this is only a precaution made necessary when you're going hiking (and thus your feet will sweat) or you're going to be doing some heavy labor outside in the cold. But, if you want to give it a try in another circumstance, no one is stopping you! You may have never used an oven bag if you haven't oven cooked some sort of meat, but trust me when I say they're available at your local grocery story--check in the same area as plastic wrap and the like. Once you have your oven bags ready, put them over your feet, and then put your socks over the oven bags! The bags will keep your condensing sweat off your socks and close to your skin, which may sound a little gross, but it will actually keep your socks from getting wet! If you're hiking, this is more than ideal because if your socks get wet, you have to sleep with them so they don't freeze during the night. Nobody likes a pair of frozen socks. And, your feet will be warmed because the socks won't be damp! Give it a try; you won't be disappointed. I've heard it also works with aluminum foil, but I've always used oven bags (which I guess are very similar things). *Bonus tip! If you have a similar problem with your hands, try putting on a pair of nitrile or latex gloves on under your gloves! By the same principles of the oven bags above, your hands will be warmer!
@Parkerwest Great tip! I didn't know that!
@treedweller. you just spray your feet with the deodorant / anti-persperant spray and put on your socks and boots
@Parkerwest I knew the tips on the card but not yours! Sweet! Thanks. How exactly would you apply that?
you can also use a spray deodorant as shown to me by an Alaskan bush guide