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The fourth member of C.N.BLUE Lee Jung Shin (이정신, born on September 15, 1991) is a South Korean bassist, rapper, and actor. He is the bassist of South Korean rock band CN Blue, which debuted in January 2010 in South Korea. Lee Jung Shin is the youngest member of C.N.BLUE but he is the tallest, standing at 187 cm. He modeled for fashion designer Song Hye Myung for his "2010 Seoul Collection".In 2011, he was picked to be a runway model for Seoul's Fashion Walk show, this time for fashion designer Song Ji Oh. Lee Jung Shin was supposed to be part of Men's Fashion Week 2012 in Singapore. But due to his schedule, he wasn't able to come. He was also featured as the main model in Cosmopolitan Magazine's May issue with model Choi Joon Young. In Cosmopolitan, Jung Shin shed his nice guy and clean cut image and turns into a bad boy. Singles Magazine's May issue also features Jung Shin.