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Manziel was supposed to be the instant savior of the Browns. He was supposed to bring a new revitalized offense and help the Browns win the division. Instead he went 10-of-18 passing for 80 yards, two interceptions and a 27.3 rating. If anything, the day showed that Manziel was not ready for the NFL and that the Browns were mailing in the season. To be fair, the defense could not stop anything today and after 6 Manziel snaps, the Browns were already down big. However Manizel said that it would take time and reps for him to adjust to the NFL. Manziel said. “The best quarterbacks to ever play this game have struggled early.” True but they did not struggle THIS mightily. It was evident early on that the Bengals were going to force Manziel to stay in the pocket and make his throws. He could not do it, and on display was weak arm strength and dropped passes by his receivers. The run game could not get anything going either. People are questioning whether the Browns should have stuck with Hoyer, especially since the playoffs are still in sight. What do you think? Is Manziel already doomed from the NFL?
@EightyNine @naija I kind of agree with Hoge. Did you hear what he called him? "Overhyped 1st rounder with 6th round talent" ouch... and yea maybe in 2 years
Damn... I had called the Browns as my sleeper coming into the season. I guess I need to call a new pick for next year
@Goyo It's crazy how the hype machine even gets to NFL franchises. You would think they would know better
@Goyo maybe in another 2 years haha
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