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As the season draws to a close, three division champions were crowned early. The Broncos won the AFC West after defeating the Chargers. The Patriots won the AFC East after dismantling the Dolphins and the Indianapolis Colts won the AFC South after beating the Houston Texans. The Arizona Cardinals also clinched their playoff spot with their victory over the Rams on Thursday night. They still have not won the division as they must beat out the Seahawks. For many, the Broncos, Pats and Colts were favored to win their divisions but many are probably surprised that the Cardinals also clinched. Who else do you think will clinch their divisions?
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I really hope anyone besides the Broncos win.
@RocketHakeem I am rooting for the Cardinals. They are the team I really hope can do some serious damage this year
@Goyo If they just lost another QB man I don't know... Bruce arians can only do so much. That 3rd stringer looks pretty bad
@EighyNine has anyone really proven themselves better than Arians as a coach? He is now 30-9 (if you count his time as an interim coach with the Colts)
@Goyo I don't question Arians at all. But even the best coach can only get so far when their 3rd string QB is playing. Stanton did a fine job managing the game. Lindley on the other hand looks like a disaster waiting to happen