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Just got an invitation to a holiday bash but don't know what to wear? Go for the little black dress. it's a worthy wardrobe investment and you can practically repurpose it for any occasion. The key is to find the perfect dress that flatters your body. Petite: A fitted sheath dress with an all over lace detail will accentuate your figure without overwhelming it. Dresses that hits slightly above the knee will help you appear taller. Small Bust: An A-line dress with an empire style can add definition to the bust. In addition a lace yolk detail over the neckline will help create fullness. Full Figure: Opt for a shift or swing dress with interesting pattern and texture such as sheer and velvet stripes. Long Torso: Empire styles and semifitted sheath dress that direct the eye upward away from the waist with detailing on the top is perfect for short legs ladies. Just like petite, keep hemlines right around or above the knee. Image courtesy: Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, ASOS, Madewell
I'm not really that small busted, but I still go with A-line for most things! I love the additional shape definition it gives nearly any body shape
I love the first dress! It's so my style. Where can I get that???
A shift dress also goes well with long torso!