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This is a long post with lots of videos, but if you like Big Bang and want to have a couple of laughs you might enjoy it, thank you in advance! For BTS and you don't want to read just skip to video 10. :) I don't know if you know of it already but I want to share with people who might not. n. n Alright. Story time! Back in 2007, members of Big Bang were on KM Idol and got rejected by Gwisoon, or Gwisun, the "fake queenka." GD got rejected as well as Daesung, she chose Seungri. GD made up a song, Nal bwa Gwisoon. (Look at me, Gwisoon) to show his shock he lost to maknae. I suggest you watch the videos (1 and 2), they're quite hilarious. They make fun of her appearance as well, which is of course bad mannered but you can't help but laugh. (my favorite is the nose joke!) So, the song actually became a thing. Video 3 is an interview talking about its upcoming release in 2008. It is a trot song. Daesung sang it as GD gave it to him as a birthday present, was not album released just online release. He preformed it at concert, three times I think, at global warming concert (2008) - video 4 - and stand up tour (2008) - no video- and as well as on the TV show Family Outing in 2009. - video 6 What are they even doing in video 5!? So.. that's it for Gwisoon.. right? NOPE. She appeared again on a television show on 2011. Maybe? I can't find much on it except one article. (see link - slide 7) In February of 2013 Daesung was on Smartphone Police, and I watched it, laughed and moved on. He did a great trot version of Fantastic Baby! Que July 2014- Wait. What is this in my YouTube feed? *squint eyes in disbelief* Look at me, Gwisoon.. Japanese version? Yes. He released it in an online release album in Japanese. I suddenly remembered, "trot." Daesung and trot...? I went back to scroll through my YouTube favorites and I found it. (video 8) B..but Daesung! You're not 55 yet! Whattt. Then.. on October... The music video happened. (video 9) I dropped to my knees and let out a darth-vaderesque "NOOOOOOOOOOO." Haha, but in all seriousness this is a joke, and I'm sorry if you knew about this previously, I thought I'd share since I actually really like the song. x) Also, enjoy the 'trot' version of one of BTS songs. - video 10 - I'm probably also sure you've also seen that but it's always hilarious. Whenever I think of trot I think about Daesung and that Bts video haha.