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We are looking for 'thane!
Mini Zombie Hawgs Review by Landyachtz. Not the best review they seem to be goofing around and maybe a bit stoned. But watch the riding there are some thane lines but they seem faint at best. Check it out for yourself. The other two videos I found were guys talking in monotone for 7 minutes!
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@JaydenWashabaug found some hahahah!
3 years ago·Reply
They're a great wheel that lasts of course it isn't gonna thane like balls.
3 years ago·Reply
@SteveLee772 what are some good wheels that leave a lot of thane
3 years ago·Reply
Bustin 5Os are my favorite that thane. I mean theres Butter balls and a bunch other that plain out dump but they're just stupid no control just thane. Id rather have a wheel that I have some control and dont have to buy a new set every few rides.
3 years ago·Reply
i love you
3 years ago·Reply