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I don't care how old you are. If you are reading this card, you are being challenged to write a letter do dear old St. Nick! Before you laugh and call me a fool, give me a moment to explain. Kids have no problems imaging: it's why they believe many things they are told, and why sometimes their ideas seem fantastical and not realistic in any way. However, adults begin to lose that creative ability, because we stop exercising that imagination muscle. And that's not OK! If we carried our creativity with us further into adulthood, who knows what we could accomplish? But how can we make sure we do this?I'm sure there are many ways, but my preferred method today is to encourage you to write a letter to Santa Claus! Many of us believed in Santa Claus as children; if we think of him again, this time in the context of the current state of our life and our current problems, we may find that we can indeed believe, at least as far as the exercise is concerned. By returning to this perspective, perhaps, we can gain a new one!Here's what you've got to do: 1. It's preferable if you hand write this letter (studies show that your brain makes more neurological connections this way) but feel free to type it if you must. 2. Think back to Christmas or holidays in the past. If you don't celebrate, think of a time when you were celebrating , happy, and truly believed that the world was full of a magic you could not explain. 3. Describe the problems you are having. Talk about it. 4. Describe the solution you want Santa Claus to give you: he can't give it if he doesn't know what you're asking for! 5. And remember, be nice. And that's it! If you want to go even farther, try sending your letter to Santa (try this site: where you can help other grown ups see and achieve their dreams! Remember, you can't achieve something if you don't believe it, so if you believe this exercise can help you, it will!
I completely agree with #1 here. Writing is very therapeutic for me. My therapist recommended writing about problems as well as talking about them because it helps release any held in emotions or release thoughts that you don't want sticking in your mind. So,I accept your challenge but I will have to stick with typing for now because I'm on a road trip for the next two days. although I have a tablet that has a "pen" where I can actually write my text. I may just do that. I'll be coming up with something tonight.
Hope everyone has a terrrrrrific Holiday Season! Excuse me , please... I have a letter to write...
@kandi2559wolfe I hope your letter went well! @KaitlynnJanae Great--I hope your holiday went well, too!