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What color mug do you drink your coffee out of? Do you think it makes a difference in the taste? Personally, I've never really worried much about what I drink my coffee out of, so long as I can drink it reasonable well, and it doesn't cause anybody too much harm. A friend of mine shared this article with me, though, and I got wondering. According to this study (which began on the tips of some very observant baristas), coffee drinkers who prefer stronger coffee that is less sweet will enjoy their coffee more if it is a white mug or cup, as opposed to other colors. Those that like sweeter beverages would do better to drink out of a dark colored mug. Researchers think this might be because the difference between the color of the cup and the drink make you think it is stronger, even if it is not, so it tastes less sweet. On the other hand, colors like brown or red match the drink, so it looks less strong and more weak. Let me say one thing: what?! That's crazy! All this time I thought that most café's just went white cups and mugs for the fun of it (and for a nice, clean look) and maybe that's all the realized they were doing, but suddenly the white Starbucks cup game makes so much more sense to me! I wonder how the red cups characteristic of the holiday season, then, affect Starbucks' sales. It wouldn't surprise me if red cups are known to Starbucks to increase consumption of sweet drinks, aka their super sugary, super special holiday specials! What do you think: do you have a mug preference when choosing what to pour your brew in? Would you even notice the difference?
@ToniaMaitland I hadn't really noticed it, but I do think it does have an affect thinking back on it! @orenshani7 Ahh, makes sense :) I should have written "flavor" but hopefully people get the point :) @imthe1 That's awesome!
Intersting experiment! i also can tell the taste differ from the color of the container.
My wife would certainly agree. Anyway, just to get things scientifically correct, what the color ( and also the material and shape ) of the mug change, is the flavor of the coffee, not the taste. Taste is a very blunt sense in humans, but what we sense as flavor, is much more complex, and is based on our overall experience while eating or drinking something, as well as our expectations before it actually gets to our mouth.
yes I believe this. Mine just seems to taste better in a white cup.