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What do you guys think?
@christy I was amazed with the coup d'etat video. :D @aabxo Oh of course it's very fun and a catchy song, but the first time I watched it I was taken by surprise. "Oh okay he's getting on a train and reading his book.. woOAH BOBCUT PINK ELEPHANT. Ah okay so they're just going to danc- URINAL. BIG FEET. MASKED DOCTORS. SPANKING. WHAT."
I'll probably make that joke for the rest of my life. No video related to GD or any other artist will faze me anymore after seeing MichiGO.
I did he was a cutie. ..
Did you just…XD Get out lol I agree. Not my favorite. Maybe it'll grow on me. Lol Yeah, they released it before but they finally did the mv (: @DeinNomos
Well it certainly is.. one of a kind! ;D *badum-tss* I wonder if they put those water guns to use. I like the song, but not one of my favs. I didn't even know they did this! but apparently the song was released earlier this year o: I'm having fun reading the "it's too westernized!" comments, though. Always entertaining.
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