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What do you guys think?
@christy I was amazed with the coup d'etat video. :D @aabxo Oh of course it's very fun and a catchy song, but the first time I watched it I was taken by surprise. "Oh okay he's getting on a train and reading his book.. woOAH BOBCUT PINK ELEPHANT. Ah okay so they're just going to danc- URINAL. BIG FEET. MASKED DOCTORS. SPANKING. WHAT."
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I'll probably make that joke for the rest of my life. No video related to GD or any other artist will faze me anymore after seeing MichiGO.
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I did he was a cutie. ..
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Did you just…XD Get out lol I agree. Not my favorite. Maybe it'll grow on me. Lol Yeah, they released it before but they finally did the mv (: @DeinNomos
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Well it certainly is.. one of a kind! ;D *badum-tss* I wonder if they put those water guns to use. I like the song, but not one of my favs. I didn't even know they did this! but apparently the song was released earlier this year o: I'm having fun reading the "it's too westernized!" comments, though. Always entertaining.
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