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I posted a scientific article about speed wobbles, and it discussed how not having the proper setting can affect you; and cause speed wobbles. 1. Basically, what you want to do is set your board on the ground. 2. Put your foot on the middle of the board, and apply your weight on it. If you see that one truck is more angled than the other, then you need to make adjustments. It's okay if your back truck is tighter than the front, but if it's looser than the front, then you need to fix this so you can reduce your chances of getting speed wobbles. 1. As for even-ing it out, loosen the nuts all the way off the kingpin. 2. Then, you're going to tighten it by hand until you can't turn it anymore (don't force it). 3. You want to use your wrench/T tool and turn it, but not past two lines on the kingpin. Too much pressure on your bushings can ruin them. Make sure you start at either the 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock position so you can keep a count of the number of rotations. You can check my photos as a reference! Thanks to my buddy Eugene for teaching me these tricks!
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Gotta test the crap out of it after making adjustments! @mpoblete
@mpoblete what's the best way to test it at fast speeds without going fast speeds lol.
Chip away at a hill! @RichardSchafer
@mpoblete pretty much.