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all these things are waiting for relive.. want to unlock.. fulfill.. switch off.. ride.. repaint.. fulfill.. to walk..
These are really interesting photo perspectives on inanimate objects. Could you share more details on how you got the shots and the effects?
it's a very enigmatic story behind all these snaps.. I came to my parents house long time ago.. upto 7/8 days.. these are things came in front of me daily... then finally my soul told me.. my love for all these when I was young.. (6/7 years before) my love told me... how they all missed me.. I missed them.. Thankyou for reading.. Tc dear
Yaa.. why not its my pleasure.. and thankyou so much for your precious words.. actually all these snaps are taken by my Sony experia zr phone.. only 13 mp mobile camera.. and all snaps are again redesigned by my fvrt mobile app pixlr express