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Well on ebay u saw this nice bustin idk what the name of it is once it gets here I'll post some pics. it comes with bear trucks and otangs. which its used but a good deal for only 50 bucks
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My parents skate too! My dad used to dance on a sector 9 Luke Nosewalker and my stepdad has a Churchill Meketa. My mom likes to use my boards sometimes, yeah. Having a rad family (except for my brother, he's a runner) is the shit.
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@steezus I'm trying to get my dad to ride again. He used have a board but lost it. I was thinking of giving him one of mine and getting him back into it
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Yah my mom doesn't ride but when I went trick or treating( stealing little kids candy) he would hop on and ride down the road. plus when he was my age he was a skater @steezus
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yeah post that thang
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You should get them all back on boards, they'll love it!! I know I did lol
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