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I came across this infographic about three primary traits of a relationship that I thought was pretty interesting. At first I was worried that it was oversimplifying the complexity of a relationship - and it still probably is - but actually I think its contrasts behind good signs and warning signs in these three areas has really good food for thought! It's nice to have a simple way to quickly evaluate the health of a relationship. The three areas are: 1. Communication 2. Love 3. Respect
@WordDoctor this is good but it seems to only be geared toward the faults of the man.. hmm I see it mentions eachother and two of you but at the same time it uses "he" a few uhh idk ha
ya I appreciate what live becomes and it is worth the fight.. but heartache is right around the corner if you lose focus..
Hmm, I hadn't noticed that, @dukes1. I thought for the most part the makers tried to keep it pretty gender-neutral, but you're right that it refers to men in the second point. Maybe the infographic was geared toward a female audience. But I agree with you that these apply (or should apply) equally to both genders.