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Aite I gotchu breh. @xpandass Pic 1 is Girl the Wild's Pic 4 and 8 is Hidoku Shinaide Pic 5 is Katekyo Pic 6 & 9 is Bukiyou na Silent Pic 7 is You're my loveprize in viewfinder Pic 10 is Usotsuki Lily. PHEW.
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I wanna read manga can anyone give me some good manga name..
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@riva girl the wild's is a funny one. Hidoku Shinaide gives you alot of feels~ katekyo gives you even more feels~~x2 Ao Haru Ride is cute and dramatic at the same time
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@happyface1497 thanks a lot.
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Thanks for sharing, @happyface1497! I'd also love to know more about these (Thanks @DeinNomos haha). Maybe you could post a card about each and tell us a little bit about it and why you like it? I'm really looking for good manga recommendations right now.
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