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We would like to present Vingle's Best Collections of 2014! Among the collections of fun, thought-provoking cards created on Vingle this year, these 36 collections stand out. Why? Because they seek to inspire others. Because they represent the best of enjoyable content from all over the web. Because they are created by you! From Baking to Bicycling, Health to Humor: Vinglers have been passionately sharing their knowledge, secrets and inspirations. "Working Out at Work" by Vingler @Nisfit has been publishing simple hacks for getting your workout fix on the job.. @JonPatrickHyde's original photography, shared in his "Photojournalism" collection, take us as far as Nassau in the Bahamas to experience a side of life you may have never experienced. And @TheAdrenaline has shown Vinglers the thrill of soaring to new heights in an extreme sports collection, "Sense of Flying." These collections are just a small sample of what's available to enjoy on Vingle. See the full list of Vingle's Best Collections of 2014 on Vingle Trends here. ( We hope that these outstanding collections aid your discovery of something new, something that inspires you to creatively explore your passions! Express yourself on Vingle, the community where you can find those who love what you love.
I am so very honored! Thank you so much!
I love @snowinseoul's reactions!!
Nice stuff. I'll be on that list next year!!
Congrats @mcgraffy @AutoExtremist! I really like your two collections.
Thank you, thank you!
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