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So funny the trio gave her lingerie as present. They went to photo booth and arcade. Really cute. They revealed something about the crown princess (being murdered maybe). I don't follow this drama so I'm just taking the screencap with my iphone for fun. Let me know what you think My other Rooftop Prince ep 10 live screencaps: <a href=>[LIVE SCREENCAP] Rooftop Prince Part 2 </a> <a href=>[LIVE SCREENCAP] Rooftop Prince Part 3</a>
we should give her kinda prize like "best recaper" hahaha !!!
@bootyfull i agree! @soula81 Yay! I can capture the scenes in high quality, so we can work it together!!! =) But the problem is those two dramas air at the same time... :(
OMG! U just finished TK2H and now Rooftop Prince? You're the best! Thank you so much! I love your recap!!
can you do Live Recap like in TK2H? I love to read ur recaps LIVE! how about the rest of you Rooftop Prince lovers?????