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How to Make Cake Flour Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons corn starch Instructions Place the one cup of flour into a sifter.Remove two tablespoons of the flour, placing it back into the container.Add in the two tablespoons of the cornstarch to the sifter and sift together.Sift together a second time before using.
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Sounds like you could use a new sifter for Christmas @inthekitchen :)
i use a strainer sifter works just great for me lol
I'm in the same boat as @inthekitchen My sifter has been in my family for AGES! I'd a workout trying to sift anything!
oooh, I'm so glad this was featured on the Vingle home page! I never have cake flour, but I do have cornstarch. Thanks for the tip, @cupcakelady!
your welcome @librarylady