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Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Ep 11 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep 12 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep 13 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52539 Ep 14 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54877 Ep 15 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55536 Ep 16 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57652 Ep 17 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/58231 Ep 18 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60319 Ep 19 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60692 Yesterday, EO fianlly stabbed HR with hairpin. At the moment Mu Yeon got separated from HR, she ran towards AR. What gonna happen to AR?! When AR cries "NO..!', Mu Yeon can't approach her. MY says "I'm sorry for not saving you until now. Let's go together. This is end of our story." Then, MY stabs Mu Yeon and he suicides. EO tries to wake up her mom. "Mom, wait for a minute. I'm going to a doctor!" HR asks to let her down and says "Thx, my son...". After saying that, she closes her eyes. In the meanwhile, JW realizes HR died and thinks wat he has to do. Suddenly he remembers he threw away AR's body. He cries "I'm afraid of remembering all the terrible memories..Now how should I live?" YR asys "MY finally succeded." SJ says "It's sad that extinction is the only way to save. Maybe Mu Yeon would prefer hell, cuz at least she can feel pain which only human can feel." YR says "But still our deal is not over. I'm sure AR wouldn't find out the truth of her death. Prepare to change ur body." AR thinks 'The answer of my death was not EO's mom. It's not solved still. But now it doesn't matter, cuz in the hell I can live remembering him.' EO says "MY said there's book of one's life in heaven. If you see the book, u can find the answer. I will go for it." But AR disagree with it, saying she won't go to heaven. EO asks to BW how to go to heaven. She says "There is way. Theoritically, AR's soul can go with u there and guide you." At that night, he persuade AR to go to heaven to get the book. "U came here to find the answer and go heaven. Let's go. After that u have time to think." When EO is walking, ghost follows him to ask to solve their problem. A ghost says "I died because of a accident. At that time, my wife got pregnant but she still can't name him because there's no father. Would u name him?" Other ghost says "I have a mom. When I went to get sth in forest, I was bitten by tiger and died. But she doesn't know it and wait for me until now. Just tell her now I went to somewhere good." And other ghost ask for marrying, and another one asks for finding his body. After hearing their story, EO solve their problem. EO thinks now he's done all things here. EO walks by with AR. He says "I didn't like time flies. Cuz for me, time was so slow when I was hard. But now I can't belive that time flies so fast when I'm with you." AR thinks 'Even if everything will be changed and we can't remember each other, I will still remember the feeling.' AR thinks 'Later I will find u with this feeling. When u walk and meet a guy who u feel hearbeat for, then think it's me. I love you, AR.' Then he kisses her. At night, JW thinks 'I've lived hurting many ppl, and I even didn't know it. I can't forgive that.' Standing on cliff, he remembers AR once again. 'If I can live a life with u again, then I would always stand hehind and just wach u. I will not even love u and live as criminal.' Then he threw himself. Next morning, EO says to servants "I feel sorry for supporting me. Now I think I gotta leave. Listen to me well and follow my saying." He posts an order. It says 'Everyone can have position here without caring class.' Seeing it, everyone feels happy. DS and BW is dating. He sees artist who draws ppl and asks for a drawing. At that night, they looks the drawing together. Then DS gives her a ring he prepared. BW feels thanksful, and DS asks to put a ring in his finger too. He says "I've thought real man use power, but I was wrong. The real man use power for woman's heart. Would u take my heart?" BW replies "Why not? Instead don't leave me..!" BW prepares for AR and EO going to heaven. She uses thread with bell so they can find eachother and she can tell when they have to come back. She says "U have to comeback until morning comes. If u don't, EO would die. I will tell u when morning comes by shaking bell. AR, be careful! Even if ghosts try to disturb u, concentrate on ur stuff!" Then she uses magic. Then AR and EO arrive to heaven. Walking by, AR meets her dead nanny. She says "I have sth to show u. Follow me." Listening her, AR follows her. There she sees the past when her mom died. Her mom says "Don't cry, SL. I'm sorry for leaving. Live happy life instead of me..." EO wakes up AR. She cries, "I saw when I was young. I saw my mom's dying." EO says "AR, we have to concentrate. Let's go!" They find a place with the book of ppl's life. EO goes and says "We came to see book." But the guard says "This book is for only dead. U are first alive person who came here. Once u enter here, there's limited time. If u can't keep the time, u can't go back. Do u still wanna go in?" EO says "I came here for it. I'm prepared." Then guard let EO go in. He says "U can get only one answer from book. Once u ask, book will tell you. U can stay here until the five dots in your hands dissapear." EO sees there's no many dots left. He closes eyes and thinks 'I can find. I will find. Plz tell me who made AR die.', putting his hands on book. Then he finds out the one who mae her die is AR herself. He got shocked. But he also finds his book there. He remember SJ survived him when he died in 6. He remember SJ said "the time you live later does not belong to you." He calls SJ and he goes to him. He asks "I knew AR was the one who drove herself to death. But now she's already dead which means she can't solve problem. Is it unfair?!" SJ replies "When AR came to me, she didn't come to go to heaven. She came to find truth of her death. If she realized what you found today, then she's rewarded. That's what I intended." Then EO comes out from the place with the books, then runs with AR. While they're running, EO can't see AR anymore. Then only AR wakes up. While she's praying for him to wake up, AR dissapears. The gate of hell appears in front of AR, then finally she realized she's the one who dorve herself to death and EO didn't tell it cuz it means she can't solve the problem. When AR realizes it by herself, EO opens his eyes and stops AR. Then EO goes to the hell. (When EO went SJ, he proposed to change the condition of deal with AR. EO said "I caught Mu Yeon as u wanted. Then would u change condition of the deal? I will die and go to hell instead of AR for letting her to go to heaven." Later, DS becomes magistrate. And SJ and YR have a conversation. SJ says "I let EO live in heaven cuz he sacrified himself. I don't understand why he continually wants go to human's life." YR says "That's human." A boy named EO is hiding from his mom. Then he meets a girl. The girl introduces her as AR, but EO can't remember anything. The girl says "I told you not to drink water in heaven! How can I explain you to make you remember?!" They changes to adult, and AR still complains of it. EO says "I can't remember, but anyways this time is most precious for us." Then they kisses..
yeaaah upcoming drama I Miss You :)
@njkim because you do recap with really easy to understand and also touching so I would like to follow you whatever your next.. Cheers! I'll come here to check every week, Thank you :)
is it okay to request a drama that you should recap...? I Miss YOU!! ^^ if you're not sure yet of what drama you would recap...why don't you make a card and we'll vote...^^ thanks again for your awesome recaps!!
Thx for all guys who watched and enjoyed my recap! :D
@zuyuthiland I'm not sure still~x)
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