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This is a nice guy live recap for ep12 :) +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 +EP6 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54875 +EP7 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55719 +EP8 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57672 +EP9 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/58207 +EP10 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/59535 +EP11 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60688 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha MR makes her practice her annoucement at inaugral ceremony of JH. MR"let's go, the director of EG." When JH delivers a speech, EG comes up there. ES"Oh ! sister EG" EG"I'm sorry for being late. how are you mother?" JH"EG... Where have you been...? I'm waiting for you so much..." EG"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry" JH"I'm fine that now you are here" EG"I'm sorry everyone..but nowadays I am suffering from face blindness so I need someone's help..now I will introduce someone to you.. Gang maru my fiance and my helper." At JH's room JH"What happened a few minutes ago? Who is she who I met before.and the guy beside her.. who is he...GANG MARU right? ,..is it real?" She can hardly believe that EG comes to Taeson. Ann explains this situation claimingly. Ann"What is more shocked EG's coming back or MR's appearing as her fiance." EG"Do I have to fight against my stepmother? why?" MR"Because she wants to get things that not hers." EG"Could I win her?" MR"Yes I fight with her you just stay with me" JUNHA asks a help that if she gets a final goal and then you leave silently with much rewards. JUNHA"Even at first you don't love her, right?" MR"What do you do if I love her now?" JUNHA"i will block that situation. Do you want a deal?" MR"Huh, then the half of Taeson, If she gets a final goal, then give me the half of taeson, If not, I don't make a deal" JUNHA"Okay, we will give you a half of Taeson, if she gets memories." MR"Call' (it means Okay) JH"It's time to go back the home with me." MR"NO, EG will stay with me." So they make a promise to have just a dinner together, In front of her house. EG"Is it my house? you said that my father passed away..I want to see him..how was my father.." JH"EG, Welcome to you.. really." EG"Where is my father's room?" JH thinks it is little strange because she thinks EG knows the president room naturally. So, MR excuse she wants to check whether you delate the president Seo's trace. JH"Why are you here? you've done, right?" MR"I can't remember what I did.. who is JH and what did I do for her..the only thing I focus on is that EG. i will protect my lady EG, before having a dinner I will check all food from the monster who wants to attack her. Therefore even now, you have to drop all the things that you have, To be frank it is not yours. right?" JH"Huh it is mine, even a pork and the chair in here ! all the things are mine! EG" A few minutes ago, my stepmother said that because you are crazy about man so you can't keep deathwatch...is that man is MR.. RIGHT?" MR"Yes I am sorry...." EG" You don't have to be sorry....that means I love you to that extent.." Ann vistied the secretary's home(Actually EG stayed there FOR long time.) In there he finds some trace like her writings practicing Hangul" Ann calls to someone and he wants to know JUNHA's style of handwriting. CC"is there something in the sky?" EG"Yes my father." CC"My father, too, Hey father please cure her early !" Ann is starting to become aware of EG's condition. EG is writing letters to her father. "Father I am sorry.. I can't keep your deathwatch becasue of a man.. father father.." MR studies hard..but actually his pain is little serious..(ㅜNㅜ) JUNHA"You will participate as a EG's deputy in today's conference room" He also give a information for today's conference. actually JH's weakness. They meet in front of the conference room. The atmosphere is brutal.. Ann"Are you going somewhere?" The secretary relies instead of her. Ann"I want to talk with EG only.. please clear the seat the seretary." He shows the note that she wrote. EG"Yes, it is mine. A few days after the accident I just want to check my condtion so I wrote it. that's it" Ann persuades her be frank. If only you say frankly that's I can help you. EG writes on the note that "You are a bad person" And she leaves her seat. At that time,, she recalls some scenes in the past..related to Ann. In there any question? The person who is EG's side protests about her management. JUNHA texts a message "If he protests well, you just keep stay" At that time MR takes JH's side. People around him are shocked because they think MR is EG's side. After that, MR attacks her more cruelly and deeply. MR"Nowadays, chaebol have to take responsibility, are you really pure and clear?" JUNHA gets praised him and wonders why did JH throw away him.. At the hospital The doctor checks her condition. Her condition is much better. EG says "Sometimes, I recalls some memories...just few pictures." The doctor"Then don't be avioded, Pick up the most desperate memory that you've suffered. feeling like wanted to die.. To find your memory, it will be started there. Don't run away from your sadness" CC says to her about CC's love story with JG (kiss three times like that hehehehe) She wonders the love story with EG and MR. BUT she can't remember anything. CC"Why don't you go traveling with MR?" EG shakes her hands from side to side CC"Why?" EG" How embarassing...a shame.." JH"You stay there..exact that distance..If you come more closely.. maybe you will be dangerous.." Ann" I will do my job by myself.. You just stay there..Don't go far away.." Then Ann prepares to attack MR. MR recalls her saying like a shame.. He makes JG wake up and then ask a question to JG. "Which place is good for traveling...? For women, what shoud I do for good?" JG recommands that just reminds the memory with JH when you falled in love with JH. MR"i can't remember.. really..." MR talks himself.. "Father.. one woman came to me and then I pushed her with most cruel words and offended her mind. hurt deeply. but she come to me again... I regret that i make her enter in my life...in my whold life.. I regret first..." Finish If you press the heart button, I will gain strength more more more >,~ hehehehehehehehe
@neaa I don't drink soda so probably I would drink a tea instead >:D
i'm in for that drink..though coke for me!!
"Father.. one woman came to me and then I pushed her with most cruel words and offended her mind. hurt deeply. but she come to me again... I regret that i make her enter in my life...in my whold life.. I regret first..." aww so Ma ru is now falling for eun gi so badly.. Poor ma ru, I think after eun gi returned to her position he will leave her. T^T I would love to drink with joong ki! >.<
Thank u for your effort :))
Maru, plz go to heal your illness before getting worse! I don't want to image how sad in the ending...
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