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Tracklist: 01. 미생 (feat. 윤한) 02. 28.5 (feat. 정인) 03. What About Me (feat. HuckleBerry P) 04. 스물넷 때가 타 (feat. Don Mills) 05. 노래할 기분이 아니야 It starts off with a slow, haunting track that reminds me a bit like something Taeyang would come out with. Kye Bum Zu's voice is really soothing until he ramps up the power around a minute in and we can see just how much energy he has behind that voice. I was seriously impressed! He lightens the mood with 28.5 (feat. 정인) by using a really calming acoustic guitar to compliment the light drum track. This is the kind of song that I nod my head to without even realizing it. Jeongin's voice is so sweet in this song as well. I'd love to hear this live! We hear a totally different sound from the first two songs in the third track: What About Me (Feat. HuckleBerry P) I am totally in love! That clap track in the back is so catchy and the bridge is permanently stuck in my head. I'll be dancing to this all day! So, I'm totally obsessed with Don Mills so I knew I was going to dig this song. 스물넷 때가 타 (feat. Don Mills) sounds so sassy and is the perfect getting ready track. I love how much his singing style changes from song-to-song. He finishes up the album with a slower track reminiscent of his lead off track. I really enjoyed this entire album and I give it 4/5 stars! Can't wait to hear more from Kye Bum Zu!
@callmekaren you are AWESOME for posting this :) been meaning to check this album out just hadn't gotten the chance to. Now I'm definitely gonna give it a listen ^^
@PassTheSuga @chasinghapiness @kpopandkimchi Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it^^ Let me know if you have any albums you want reviewed! I love doing this :)
Thanks for the review @callmekaren! I really need to get into more K-hip hop/R&B :)
I really like that Don Mills song too!