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Present for your nails - wrap them up in fuchsia and gold sparkles! Tools: Thin nail art brush Large dotting tool Medium dotting tool 1. Clean off all of your nails and apply a clear base coat. Once your base coat has dried, apply two coats of Orly Bubbly Bombshell or your color of choice. 2. Take your thinnest nail art brush and barely dip the tip into your gold polish. Apply thin pinstripes down your pointer fingernail. 3. On your middle finger, take that same thin nail art brush and apply a thin, horizontal line in the middle of your nail. 4. Next, take your large dotting tool and place a golden dot in the middle of the line on your middle fingernail. This will be the middle of your bow. With your thin nail art brush dipped back into the gold polish, draw two rounded triangles on either side of the golden dot to finish off your bow design. 5. Next up is your ring finger. Take your thin nail art brush again, dipped in gold polish and paint two perpendicular lines that intersect in the corner of the nail. 6. On your thumb, apply an angled, 45 degree line across the nail from top to bottom with the thin nail art brush. 7. Take your large dotting tool dipped in gold polish and put two dots in the middle of your nail on either sides of the line. 8. Place two more golden dots in the middle of the nail on either sides of the line across from one another. Do the same with a third set of dots to complete the look of a bow. 9. Apply golden polka dots all over the pinky nail with your medium dotting tool. 10. Let dry and finish with a clear topcoat.
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The gold looks silver. Nonetheless, it goes well with the fuchsia base.