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It's a thing I never want to or wanted to talk about, but this past month has made it inevitable. Diving has been a serious issue the past month in the Premier League. The three cases that were the most prolific were: 1. Barkley's vs West Ham which thankfully has no real effect on the outcome of the game. 2. Cahill's vs Hull which should have seen the defender sent off as he was already booked and should have been again here for simulation. 3. Johnson's vs West Ham which saw Sunderland awarded a penalty they scored and took a point off of. Diving is a very real problem, and Derby County's Steve McClaren has just urged the FA to do something about it (which they probably should) since referees are failing to both a) spot it, and b) do something about it. The time to implement new punishments for divers is now, I just don't know what that punishment should be.
@Spudsy2061 The system needs to be changed once it has been proven to be ineffective. If it is ineffective because it was not used, then I do not see the rational switching to another system. We need to use the original system, see if it works, then switch to another one...
@Goyo I would agree that a booking is fine and that it just needs to be enforced more, but refs seem to be hesitant to want to change the game because of it, not that the decision didn't anyway in Johnson's dive vs. West Ham last weekend. Still if the rule is there and not being enforced it may be time to change the rule.
hahaha the acting is precious lol @spudsy2061 I do agree with you, though. Hasn't the accepted penalty for that kind of diving been a yellow? I thought that is what was expected... It should just be enforced more