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I like pictures. Full interview is in the link, but here's the part about the song: * With Skrillex, you were rapping over dubstep on “Dirty Vibe.” More recently you performed with Diplo. What is it like working with musicians outside of South Korea? * "You learn new things and you get to grow as an artist. Especially with “Dirty Vibe.” It happened really fast, and it was a lot of fun because Skrillex was actually in our studio in Korea. I love Diplo’s music and as a person he is so chill and so open. He used to live in Japan when he was younger too, so I feel we have a similar vibe where we are both understanding of mixed cultures." The photo is her with Skrillex in the studio. Diplo is the dog. (jk n. n;;)
That's cool that Skrillex came to Korea for this!
This is awesome! I loved the song since it came out all that time ago, but now that the video is out I'm obsessing all over again! Thanks for attaching the interview too^^