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Winter Writing: The Plight of Hibernation
Prompt: Humans now hibernate every winter in their homes. One boy is having some problems getting to sleep.... This prompt was inspired for me by the piece "The Sleep" written by one Caitlin Horrocks. The piece details the way in which an entire town began to hibernate each winter, and just what happened as a result. It's really, really great, and I highly suggest you give it a read. It appears in one edition of the Best American Short Stories (2011 edition) and is also available on Kindle via Amazon, here ( It's definitely worth your time to at least check it out of the library! Remember, it doesn't matter where or how you respond to this prompt (even if it's just in your own personal diary!) but just write it. You can't write anything if you don't try. Let's write together!
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@hikaymm Have you had the chance to read "The Sleep?"
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