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Prompt: It's Christmas, ans someone has received an entirely unexpected gift from a stranger. Write your response in the comments, or as their own card! Share your card's link here so we may all enjoy it. Let's keep writing!
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thanks @greggr I hope yours was great as well. happy new year!
As I sit in front of my Christmas tree, knowing all the gifts have been wrapped uniquely for the ones close to my heart and most definitely dear to me in there own special way, justifiably and completely. I remember every gift chosen, because I have taken the time to listen to every lovely heart spoken, not just as a gesture but also as a token So I sip from my cup, cream and plenty of sugar as to not tire, I start to wonder about my own hearts desire. Have I been good or bad, happy or sad? Not just to myself but to everybody? Then I remember one night in particular that may have turned naughty. It was a night of longevity a night of prosperity w whom I perceive as a the woman I want in my life continually for a lifetime of happiness, blissfulness and faithfulness. but she's been gone for way to long. I can only wish for her, to sneak upon me like a stranger. I think long and hard as the night makes traveling more of a danger and out nowhere like a gift from a stranger as I glide along the floor cause there's a knock at the door. it swings open and there she stand in all her beauty and as I look in the sky as he rides away, I stay to true the cause that she's here to stay, thank you lord, there truly is a Santa Clause.
@dukes1 Nice work! I hope your holiday was as great as the one you described.