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Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray had surgery Monday to repair a broken bone in his left hand. Murray, however, has not been ruled out for this week's game against the Indianapolis Colts. "The biggest question we have to ask ourselves is, is he functional to do his job?" Garrett said. "Can he hold the football? Can he carry it under duress? Can he block? Can he do the things necessary to play the position?" The Cowboys definitely cannot afford Murray missing any time. The last 2 games of the season are critical for the Cowboy's chances and seeding for the playoffs. They will be playing a big game this Sunday against the Colts and then will be playing divisional rival the Washington Redskins. Murray is currently accounting for 38% of the Cowboys total offensive yards, which is first in the NFL by 4 percent! That is crazy numbers and the Cowboys will have to rely on Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar if Murray cannot suit up. Do you think the Cowboys should risk further injury to Murray and let him play this Sunday or should they let him rest?
Back-up players need to play. I agree but this is not the time or game. let them play against the dead skins. we need our best for the Colts. if we win Washington won't matter.
you're right I agree but we have to get there first. This is the play offs. we need this.game. or we will be wishing again. with no risks there's no rewards.
A man got do what a man has do win or lose. That's why we play the game. GET them Colts Boys.
@Goyo Definitely. I think they should try to put some confidence in their backups. It would give them experience and have them ready in case they're needed in the playoffs. @sanityscout I think the Cowboys have what it takes to beat the COlts without Demarco. Their Oline is still beastly so their backup should still have the same holes to run through. @naija If I was a Colts fan I would think the same thing. I also have Luck on my fantasy team so I will be hoping for a shootout!
lol @naija ...that makes me say No! Put him in! I like the Colts a lot...and I'm a fan if Luck, but I'm a Cowboys fan for life :) Seriously, though @EightyNine, this is quite a big dilemma. I think we have to wait and see if he meets the criteria Garrett listed, but it is hard to think of risking his hand and his participation in the playoffs. Nobody wants to see him sit out, though...except maybe Colts fans haha
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