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I don't know whether to laugh or to sigh. The Oxford Dictionary announced a large addition of new rods to its online dictionary. Many of the words were silly in my eyes, such as: 'lolcat' and 'duck face'. There was one addition that made me wince more than others. The word, or should I say acronym, MAMIL was added to the dictionary. If you don't know, MAMIL stands for Middle Aged Man In Lycra. The Oxford Dictionary defines a MAMIL as "a middle-aged man who is a very keen road cyclist, typically one who rides an expensive bike and wears the type of clothing associated with professional cyclists." Worse yet, the people over at Oxford Dictionary thought it would be great to use the term in a sentence. This is what they came up with: "This is as close to a professional peloton as any MAMIL will ever get." I don't know how I feel about it, so I ask you. What do you think?
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@LexParkerJr I don't know how I feel about it still. Maybe I should just take it in stride and accept the name. Sigh
not bad we will get use to it soon
guess d name is acceptable in this current trend. lately there are more mamil n seem 2 reflect a whole new look n look healthy!
I think this is really funny but any cyclist that wears the clothing for the simple reason that it is super comfortable shouldn't be lumped in with posers that wear team logos etc. But whatever floats your boat as long as you ride for the enjoyment of riding.