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The Cavaliers beat the Charlotte Hornets 97-88 but they started the game off with a 21-0 run. Yes that is right 21 to ZERO! That is just crazy. This is definitely the Kevin Love the Cavs envisioned as he scored 22 points with 18 rebounds and 4 steals. Irving played 3rd fiddle in the pecking order but it is hard to argue with the results. The Cavs are now 14-9, definitely not what they were hoping for at this point of the season, but thankfully they can take their time to gel and be in top shape for the postseason. Is this a testament of their full potential? Or are the Hornets just bad?
@ChickenNrice they just took out the Grizzlies so I would not be shocked if this is the start of a run
I can see them making a run now
@EightyNine I think you could make that argument for any of them. If any of the top 3 falters, they will struggle. That team just does not have enough depth to take any of them struggling
KLove is the key. If he plays big, then they will win.
@rockethakeem It is probably a combination of both lol They do look like they are gelling, though. I just wonder what will happen when they start to be challenged again. Will they turn on each other or will they be able to weather the storm?