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The NBA was shocked to hear that the Sacramento Kings fired their head coach Mike Malone. Sacramento is currently tied for its best start through 24 games in a decade and that was without DeMarcus Cousins for a 3rd of them. The Kings are exceeding all expectations right now but the Kings have fired him saying that he was not "special." Malone showed this season that he was doing a great job developing players. Nearly all of his players are exceeding expectations and he has certainly cast a defensive aura around the team. People will surely remember that the Timberwolves did the same thing to Dwane Casey during the 2006-2007 season even though the Wolves were 20-20. After firing Casey, the Twolves have not reached .500 for the last 7 years. What do you guys make out of this?
@Goyo That would make sense if they actually had the coach already lined up... but it seems to me that they don't have anyone yet! What was the point of already firing him?!
@shake600 what do you mean? @EightyNine that is definitely a good point, but maybe they do... lol
@EightyNine I understand your point. What I am saying is that the Kings decision does have reason if they believed he was not the future, as far as coaching goes for them. If they believed that he would blossom into a top 5 coach, then they should keep him. If not, why not try to find that star coach sooner rather than later?
I think it was a terrible decision. As a Warriors fan, Mike Malone changed the culture of the teams defense. He was the one that established the foundation and look how well the Warriors play defense now. Changing the culture is so important and I think the Kings made a big big mistake.
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