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Ever doubted yourself? If you say "nope," please just close this card. Seriously. For everyone else, welcome! Welcome to world of those who doubt, second-guess, are never sure, and then feel bad about it. I am a self-doubter, on many occasions. I make a decision, and then seek reassurance from as many others as I can that I made the right decision before settling with it permanently. Is this healthy? Probably not. Does it work for me? Absolutely! Because I make decisions in this way, I often find myself thinking: am I really doing the right thing? Do those who are really living happy lives feel this way, too? Am I on the wrong path? So, when I came across this article from 99U today, I was stoked to know I'm not the only one: "Nobody Knows What They're Doing!" Ok, yeah, we all kind of know that. But in today's world, I see more articles about how to be the next Warren Buffet, or something about what made Steve Jobs a success. Rarely, if ever, have a seen an article that focuses on the fact that people just don't know what the heck they are doing a large portion of the time--and that's okay! This article isn't to make you feel great or successful. Instead, it's reminding you that everyone--no matter what it seems like--is panicking just like you. We are all fighting for what we want to do, and that's great! Keep fighting. When you compare yourself to others, as the article puts it, "We’re comparing apples with oranges—or, as the saying goes, comparing our insides with other people’s outsides. " I couldn't agree more. Also, the more on edge I feel about a project or goal, the more I learn during that phase. The better I feel about my skill set when I make it out alive. And it's usually later later that we realize all the progress we made while it was on. So don't stop fighting: let yourself be thrown to the sharks, panic, but know that panicking doesn't mean that you wont' make it out alive!
I’m really lucky @WiviDemol! My parents are the bomb
wow! I can relate to this article. Great that you guys have very supportive parents.
Love this! Some days when I’m freaking out and wondering what I’m doing with my life, I call my mom. Her usual response is, “Ok, Nicole. Are you happy with what you are doing? Then you are in the right direction.” And I feel better. We don’t always need to know the direct life plan.
Thank God! I always think that I'm not quite good enough for my job because I really have no clue what I'm doing, but when I actually sit down with my coworkers and talk honestly, they feel the same way. Glad to know it isn't just my company that scrambles and tests things that fail :) "We are all fighting for what we want to do, and that's great! Keep fighting. " Just what I needed to hear on a Tuesday!
Haha totally @hikaymm! I have a friend that always comes to me for advice about life, really though I just listen and she comes up with the answer on her own. It’s really the only way!
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