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Looks like she is finally done! Hopefully my girlfriend will make home for the holidays. wish me luck! and this thing looks so sexy. I can't wait to just hold it!!! Thank you Dubs
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@ktm2014 how long before you get it
3 years ago·Reply
Well we have a stupid shipping deadline, and we live on opposite sides of the country. I'm hoping I get it before Christmas, but I have a feeling it will be here in the new year
3 years ago·Reply
@crazyheart that little knick looking thing on the top right of the board is what I like to call "Extra Bacon." it's a little pocket for toe slides
3 years ago·Reply
turned out beautiful that thing is bad ass!!!
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks Andrew. can't wait can't wait CAN WAIT! I've been waiting for too long already lol
3 years ago·Reply