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Well we all knew this card was coming the moment the news was made official yesterday. Thierry Henry was one of the best players to play the game for France, for Arsenal, for New York Red Bulls, for Barcelona. Announcing his retirement from the game after 20 years, Henry remains one of the best players to ever strike the ball and a legend amongst the Arsenal Invincibles.
I still will not be able to forgive him for leaving the Gunners...
@Goyo Ah mate he helped make Arsenal Invincible. Can't hate him he gave so much to the sport.
@Spudsy2061 He has, but you can understand why as an Arsenal fan, it just hurt so much seeing him leave for Barcelona... Don't hate him, but just cant forgive him
@Goyo Fair enough I guess. Was glad to see him come to the MLS. Really helped the league.