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Okay, seriously, how can you not love Jackson!? On the recent filming of the upcoming episode of Roommate, GOT7's Jackson was surprised by a visit from his parents and immediately broke down in tears. The episode is about a Christmas party and the crew flew his mother in from Hong Kong so that she could help him feel less lonely. I can't wait for this to air!
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At least he gets to see her for real this time
3 years ago·Reply
The torture of having to wait another week to watch it completely DX
3 years ago·Reply
I cried like a baby for him, I was so touch. I thank JYP for giving Jackson such memorable heart filling Christmas Present.
3 years ago·Reply
this was the moment i fell helplessly desperatley hopelessly in love with mr. wang *sigh* i'm trapped now. but i won't complain
2 years ago·Reply
duuuude I cried so much when I watched this.
2 years ago·Reply