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Why is this my second card about idols crying today?! Don't worry - this one is a sweet story too :) Basically, at a fan sign for A Pink, a fan brought Chorong a gift (coffee!) and then gave her a flip book with messages that read: “To the leader with a lot of tears, a lot of affection, and a lot of laughter! At times, you may get stressed and it may be hard because you have so many worries due to the responsibility of being a leader…But I will always, forever stay behind you as your reliable unnie fan, so let’s continue like this…..together! Thank you♥.” At first, she held it together and thanked the fan, but as the fan event continued and she thought back on the message she really started to cry. She really must have a lot of stress built up so I am glad she was able to receive this kind of encouragement. Check out the video attached!
Oh my god I actually almost cried watching the video!
Awwww!!! She must have been so stressed and tired!