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Hi we are Red Ricochet. We create live action adaptations of video games and anime. We just started last year so we are a bit young in the filming game. We hope to add more videos in the coming future. Thanks for watching. Please enjoy.
@judgefernandez5 no worries man. If you need help, please feel free to message me or reach out to me. I had other Vinglers help me when I was new, so now it is my turn to help lol
@Goyo oh sorry I'm kinda new here. haha thanks :D
@judgefernandez5 I noticed you published the same card to the japanese anime community. What I meant was to publish this card to the Japanese Anime community. You can publish a card to more than 1 appropriate communities. I hope I was helpful :)
This is pretty awesome! I think you should publish this to the Japanese Anime community too! @judgefernandez5 I can't wait to see what other videos you guys publish!
@Goyo thanks :) I just did. please like our fb page for more info, behind the scenes, and pictures. Facebook.com/redricochet. thanks :)
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