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I finally found the time to get this published... Sorry it took so long, but I've just been in the process of moving house and have no proper internet yet (T_T) Anyway here is the second part of my playlist, enjoy :) 1.Thank You Very Much - BESTie I know I've shared this before but you can't have a breakup song list without this song... Or at least I can't :) 2. What Do You Know -NS Yoon-G (feat. Verbal Jint) When I first bought the Neospirit EP on iTunes I loved "Reason to Become a Witch" and then I heard this song, and it was on repeat for about two weeks after that XD 3. Ballad - Ayumi Hamasaki Ok so this is one of my favourite songs by the legendary Ayumi Hamasaki, incase your wondering its J-Pop not K-Pop, this girl is an incredible singer, especially when you take into account that she's deaf in one ear. She does a lot of songs for anime as well which is pretty cool :D (Regardless of what the visuals might suggest this song can be applied to a breakup situation, and sorry about the subs, I couldn't find the video without them :/ ) 4. How Dare You - Sistar Another of my favourite Sistar songs... Let's be honest, all of Sistar's songs are my favourite XD 5. 1 2 3 - Purfles I know next to nothing about these girls, except that I really love this song, I'm really looking forward to more from this group! (Sorry video won't play, you'll have to watch it on YouTube) 6. Happy - 2NE1 What playlist could be complete without a song from 2NE1, I love when Dara has normal hair in this mv, they all look so amazing!!!! 7. Can You Hear Me? - LuckyJ This song was a pretty recent discovery for me, and I fell in love with it immediately :) 8. Goodbye Rain - Jeon Minju x Yuna Kim (feat. Hyunkyu of bromance) Another song that I only just found recently, but I absolutely love every single thing about this ^^ 9. Kill Bill - Brown Eyed Girls This is another of my all time favourite songs, it's just so darn catchy, I love it!! 10. Dirty - Miryo For my final song I thought I'd share this track from the rapper of Brown Eyed Girls, I love Miryo she is so awesome, and her solo EP was pretty awesome too in my opinion :) (Sorry this MV is only available on YouTube also T-T) I hope you liked my list guys thanks for reading and watching :) I'll have the new list announced soon <3 Unfortunately a heap of these companies aren't letting people view their music videos on other sites, this totally sucks DX Full credit to the owners of these videos :)
1. I never saw this!! 2. I never knew Ayumi Hamasaki was deaf. Omg that's so cool that she has accomplished so much! her song teddy bear makes me cry every time lol
@nenegrint14 I know!! It's really incredible :)
I love that Miryo song! The music video for it is so good too hahaha I totally forgot about it!
@cassandratomas7 your welcome ^^
Thanks for sharing
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