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The season is finally perfect for chunky sweaters! I've been waiting to wear my cashmere and wool sweater, but it's always too warm to slip the on. So, I'm so excited to finally incorporate the sweater and skirt style for my office wardrobe. Reason for skirts during winter: 1. Skirts are more comfortable than trousers. 2. You can layer it with cable knit leggings or wind-resistant tights 3. There are many style and texture to choose from. Such as flare, pencil, knit, chiffon, tweed..etc 4. It looks great with any type of shoes. 5. It's definitely cuter than pants. What's your favorite winter office style?
The polka skirt! Where can I get one like that?
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I believe seeing it once at Nordstrom, but that was a long time ago! If you seearch on ShopStyle you might find a similar style.
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