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What happens to our fandoms when they "end"? Do you still remember the intricacies and joys of why you loved Harry Potter? The Hunger Games is still going on, but after it ends, how long will it hold a strong place in your heart? Honestly, I've never thought about it before! I feel that many of the series I love most have been with me forever: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and more! This parody by AVByte, though, shows the worries of our favorite characters (poor Bilbo!) as their series come to an end. Which series will you never forget? Which fandoms have become lifelong for you, and you know that will never change? For me, it's HP, Frozen, the Hunger Games, and LOTR!
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funny video and post. I think there's a truth in it that after the series is over our fandom does fade over time, unless we renew our feeling of awe by re watching the old movies or re - meeting the same characters and worlds in sequels and remakes. but it's also not a bad thing to let old stories fade to make room for new awesome stories and characters. There are so many books I still wish they would make films from, or series. Maybe I'm just not a real fan, but for me it's Disney s Robin Hood and avatar. maybe the old star wars movies.