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That is what the Yankees are preparing for. They just paid $52 million for Chase Headley to be their everyday 3B, so that leaves A-rod as the de-facto DH. So is he worth 60 million as a DH? No. So why is Yankees management doing this to the team? It is simple: money. They are hoping that they can get some return on their investment, or that they can make insurance pick up some of the slack. This is just another reason why I miss the Boss. If he were alive, he would not allow money (its the Yanks for gods sake!) dictate what was most important: putting a strong Yankees team on the field that can win it all!
@Goyo, too many players in all sports have been so protected from any consequences of their actions that they truly have no idea how to behave. I think A-Rod had some psychological problems before he ever got to the MLB, and that didn't help his decision making, but the bottom line is he harmed the game and his team, as well as many other people. Think of pitchers in the AL who had to face him during his PED days? Are there some who missed incentives because of a few A-Rod hits? I know it's not just him (Ryan Braun and his "The truth is on my side" statement before he finally accepted his suspension still bugs me) , but I'm a life-long Yankees fan, and A-Rod's inability to face reality and accept responsibility for his PED use is shameful.
@Spudsomma I could not have put that in any better way. I completely agree. I only hope that can transfer to football, because Financial Fair Play is nothing short of a joke.
@spudsomma I agree. It was wrong. But what about holding those agents and "advisors" responsible for the horrible position they put these "adults" in. I use quotation marks because they are kids when they sign these contracts. They are not prepared for any of this. A-rod definitely had psychological issues before his first huge contract, but did it have nothing to do with how he was handled? And I am positive that those agents and "advisers" definitely only saw him as a tool to make money. That is not to say that he is absolved from blame, but we definitely do need to fix this system as well
Well, the MLB also has a luxury tax, with some of that money paid by the highest payroll teams going to fund baseball in developing countries, so it's not all bad! Personally, I hope A-Rod doesn't play more than 20 games a year. He represents all that is bad about baseball, and although I don't think he has the ability to come close to breaking any records, I don't even want him to have the opportunity.
@Spudsy2061 I agree that in Football it is a big problem. But actually in the MLB it has not had the effect that teams wanted. They have even started to realize money wont buy them any rings. Just look at the past world series. The Royals made it! The Giants made it! The Red Sox, Dodgers, and Yankees? They werent even close to making the WS. So I think in that sense, the MLB doesnt really suffer from that problem. I do, however, believe that ownership has the duty to spend as much as possible to bring a championship, instead of hoarding all the money for themselves
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