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That is what the Yankees are preparing for. They just paid $52 million for Chase Headley to be their everyday 3B, so that leaves A-rod as the de-facto DH. So is he worth 60 million as a DH? No. So why is Yankees management doing this to the team? It is simple: money. They are hoping that they can get some return on their investment, or that they can make insurance pick up some of the slack. This is just another reason why I miss the Boss. If he were alive, he would not allow money (its the Yanks for gods sake!) dictate what was most important: putting a strong Yankees team on the field that can win it all!
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@spudsomma I agree. It was wrong. But what about holding those agents and "advisors" responsible for the horrible position they put these "adults" in. I use quotation marks because they are kids when they sign these contracts. They are not prepared for any of this. A-rod definitely had psychological issues before his first huge contract, but did it have nothing to do with how he was handled? And I am positive that those agents and "advisers" definitely only saw him as a tool to make money. That is not to say that he is absolved from blame, but we definitely do need to fix this system as well
@Goyo This might be a bit harsh but the agents in the business today tend to be the modernized version of snake oil salesmen. I agree the agents hold a huge part in the blame for this.
@goyo, we agree on the agents! I think every kid who signs a professional sports contract should be assigned a life coach by the league. Look at guys like Allen Iverson, who carry family and friends financially. Or a guy who has a year or two as a professional making decent money, and no job skills when he is left off the roster after that. I'll add colleges to the blame list, since most of them focus on how much TV or attendance their athletes bring to the school, and not whether they are adequately educating those athletes for a life beyond their sport. It's amazing more of these guys don't screw up!
@spudsomma I am really surprised by the insane amounts of money these schools pay their coaches. To them, it really is a business. This is why I can understand college players getting upset when they play all the game but don't get paid.
@goyo, I'm sure there are many schools whose athletic director gets paid more than the university president! I'm not sure about all the professional sports leagues, but I know the NFL does a training camp for life skills when players get their first NFL contract. I only know this because I was in a restaurant a few years ago, and some gigantic guys kept walking in. I'm nosy, so I went over and asked them:) (We've wandered far from your original post, but I've enjoyed the conversation!)