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Okay guys, so I was on Youtube listening to Haru Haru. Who doesn't love that song? Anyway I somehow clicked on a Spanish version. I was confused until I realized it was a cover XD. Anywayyyyy I wanted to post it to know what you guys thought about it. *I'll post the original as well in case you need your fix (; <3
JORrr.. MY ALL... dat crazy accent doe. They sound pretty good though regardless.
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OH GOD NO. Instantly after watching that all of the covers these people did are in my youtube recommendations. http://puu.sh/dykbt.jpg
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@DeinNomos Oh no! I'm sorry XD
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one of my favorite songs...day by day!
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This is SUCH a classic - I always almost skip over it when it comes on shuffle and then I'm like no. no i cant.
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