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“An eye for an eye.” 7 Taliban gunmen. 1 school. 141 dead. 132 children, and 9 school staff. The sad news coming out of Pakistan is that this latest Taliban terrorist attack was because, as the Pakistani Taliban leadership put it, “we wanted to make them feel the pain we have experienced.” And before, we go into a rant about how horrible this is (and God knows words cannot describe how horrible this is), let us think about the actual mentality behind this. How many times have we heard politicians say we will “strike back”? How many times have we heard our friends and family say, “we need to get back at them”? How many times have we, ourselves, taught that to our kids? The mentality that one wrong justifies another. Now, before someone here attacks me for trying to “compare” what we do to what these ruthless terrorists did, please let me make this clear: I am NOT. These men did something horrible, detestable, inhumane, atrocious, and any other word you can think of. What I am trying to say is that I have also read and heard a lot of stories about people from these “evil” sides saying how the “good” side did horrendous things to them. All this finger-pointing and “he did it first” attitude will lead both sides to do atrocious things. Let us not pretend that every country, including ones as democratic as the US, has not committed atrocities. I am just tired of the back and forth that leads to thousands and thousands of deaths. I am not saying that these criminals should not be held accountable, nor that they should be forgiven (that is for God and the victims’ families to decide), but I hope one day we look past the simplicity of right and wrong. I hope we can someday see how both sides are suffering, and stop seeking more blood. “An eye for for an eye” is not the right path. It will lead to more of these horrible events.
@sanityscout Do you believe that we, the western world, have a strong understanding of how we inflict this damage to others, as well? I am not trying to defend them, but I do know that our countries, the western world, have destroyed the homes of others in the name of "peace." I just hope that some day we can better understand each other
I am extremely saddened by this event. It's hard for me to find the words to address such a tragic, horrible attack. Thank your for expressing your perspective on one way we can process what happened.
A year has passed the scars have not healed.
That was probably the worst day of my life.i cry whenever i see something related.