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Dalai Lama Warns He May Be Last

"There is no guarantee that some stupid Dalai Lama won't come next, who will disgrace himself or herself. That would be very sad. So, much better that a centuries-old tradition should cease at the time of a quite popular Dalai Lama.” I was laughing so hard when I saw this quote. At first glance, it may look like the infamously humble Dalai Lama was bragging, but in reality, he may have been taken another shot at the Chinese government that has exiled him. The reason he gave? He would prefer that the last Dalai Lama be a strong and intelligent leader like himself, and not risk electing a dumber or unworthy Dalai Lama. This, many believe, is the Dalai Lama’s way to ensure the Tibetan community have an elected leader that is not in the control of China. China has repeatedly stated that Chinese government will choose the next Dalai Lama, and has set itself up for this. In 1995, even though the Dalai Lama had chosen a young boy as the Panchen Lama (the second highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism), China rejected the choice and made its own choice. So while we all understand that China is becoming a superpower, and may already be, will we all sit and watch as it denies basic representation to many factions of its population? This is what the Hong Kong protests were about. And yet, this is a complicated question since so many nations have strong economic ties to China that they wish to protect. So what is the right course of action?
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Well it is better than if he would promote war, of course.
@orenshani7 I am not saying that I support his institution. What I am saying is that he has used his celebrity status to do "some" good. He has delivered messages that I hope people have listened to. Again, I do not say he deserves his position or celebrity status but since he already did have it, I am at least glad he did something to promote peace. That's all... As you said in your other post, we need to use the current institutions to make progress, no? ;)
@goyo, I matters allot weather they deserve to be respected or not. While people like Gandhi or Nelson Mandela were willing to make great personal sacrifices for their cause, the Dalai Lama enjoys a celebrity status and makes millions from his books while he did not actually do anything for the cause of freeing Tibet or any other cause. Ask yourself why he is not called by his real name.
@orenshani7 he has tried to serve practical purpose by speaking on the needs of peace and mutual understanding. When respected leaders (regardless of whether they deserve the respect or not) speak in that manner, people listen. If his speeches can help aid people march towards peace then he has served a good purpose
You mean he does not serve any practical purpose, but he does serve some spiritual purpose? what on earth does this mean?